As a pediatric intensive care nurse of almost ten years and a mother to two young boys, I have a passion for children, families and above all, their well-being. Throughout my years in the PICU, I have stood beside two types of families - those that wished they knew CPR and those who were CPR trained when an emergency arose and were able to act! It was this dichotomy and knowledge gap that drove me to become an American Heart Association instructor. My ultimate goal is to give my clients skills they hope to never use. In fact, being trained in CPR but never having to use it is the ideal case. 

​CPR-RN comes to you! Life is busy and classes at other locations may not fit your schedule. CPR-RN will work around your busy life to ensure you have the time to learn the skills that may save a life. 

Learning among friends, family or colleagues often leads to a more fun atmosphere that is conducive to committing the skills of CPR to memory.

As stated in CPR-RN's mission, our ultimate goal is to make CPR something you understand, can commit to memory and effectively execute. This is where other courses lack. This is our strong suit. 

Why learn from CPR-RN?

​​Abby Price, RN, BSN